A Thought on Hope

What stops a sick person from fighting for recovery? It depends on the situation really, in what I like to call the “Grandfather Scenario” A person is either super, super sick; that and/or really old, they fought the good fight but their body has finally reached its’ limit, the person holds on, clinging to the very last breath until the persons loved ones encourage them and tell them “it’s ok to let go.” The person does, Letting go of the suffering and pain to go live with our Heavenly Father until the last day where we shall meet again. Yes, this happened to my Grandfather.

But You ask, What impedes the recovery of someone else, who is this someone else? Well, I’m glad you asked, there are many upon many examples that could be laid out right now, but this blog is written about recovering from an eating disorder, so lets head down that road shall we? In my case, when fighting a chronic illness, I am not really old nor do I Seem really sick, there are times when I act and Look completely healthy but this is the lie of Anorexia, In it’s vain hope of living in its host; it gives peace days, if you will, days of normality so as to convince its host (AKA us) that there is no need for change, no need for the medication on the counter “You’re happy today; depression must be gone.”

It is lies Dear readers, this not only encourages us in leaving our walk in recovery but its hastens us to give up. In our frustration we claim that Recovery is “Impossible” during these setbacks, the mind and body becomes weak and tired from this long fight, only to take one step forward and two steps back it seems, we do not want to starve, not really, we do not want Anorexia to win, but it is easier to give it what it wants; to give in to bad behaviors in our futile hope of stopping the voice for just a bit; but we give an inch; it takes a mile.

This Dear readers is what it looks like to stop fighting for recovery, In the Grandfather scenario, the sick person has not given up but has reach the end in their natural time that God has laid out for them, no less sad, no less painful at times, but Dear readers, the Sick Person Did Not Give IN, this is where We differ, in fighting down to the last breath, it is said of you, you died fighting. In giving IN to our illness’s we are void of all hope in our Heavenly Father, this is not where God has placed us, our Road goes where Christ leads, He is after all the Lamp unto our feet, guiding the way, leading us and carrying us when it becomes too hard, the way of despair, of hopelessness is not Gods way, it is the Devils.

That is what stops a sick person in the road to Recovery, the mistrust of Gods love and promise that He will Neither Leave us nor Forsake us, That we are bought and paid for with His Son’s own blood, making us His True and precious Children, I am God’s own Child I Gladly say it, I am Baptized into Christ, I’m a Child of Paradise.

When our minds become heavy with the thoughts of Anorexia, when we feel utter and terrible distress’ remember God is watching and has given you a way of escape, we want to just give in to our temptations, we want to stop trying, but this is not what God wants for us. He has blessed us with Support systems, from the people in our lives to hotlines and hospitals, all these are ways out of this moment in time when we struggle with continuing our walk on the road of recovery, this Dear readers is when Christ is carrying you, when it becomes too hard, this is when you are not alone, You see it in the love and care given by those who help you through this.

These people are there because God put them into your life, because He knows how you will be tempted and He knows how to help you. The support system is much like the loved ones in the Grandfather scenario, but instead of “Letting Go” they encourage Us to carry on, fight the fight, run the race, cheering us on as we struggle and lifting us as we fall, we are Never a burden to those who were sent to help us, you are not hogging the Hotline, or Stressing out the doctors, or Bothering your support system.

It is not only the job of these people to give to you healing and comfort in body, mind and spirit, but it is to their honor that they are doing the will of Our Heavenly Father, tending to the little sheep, who just needs to trust in the Good Shepherd, He is with us in all things, and when we forget of our helpers sent by God, or wonder why we can’t just ‘Give up’; my uneducated advice is to do this, (A long lost quote from my old Teacher, Rammie- recently found in an old journal) “Well Kid, when you feel like everything is out of control, no way out, feel your heart beat, let your hand sit there, feel the motion of your breath and the thump of your heart, You are alive, Still alive, this means, There is still Hope”

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