The Open Road

Freedom in an open road.

Freedom is a scary thing, it gives us the option to mess up, to do wrong, and possibly fail. We feel safe in our little cages of fear and hidden sins, we don’t want the uncertainty of freedom. Why be unsure when we can have everything under our control? Because Dear Readers, our safety in our cages is false security, it is not in our control, rather We are in its control, whether it be your addictions, eating disorders, abusive relationships, or just flat-out sinful behaviors.

We are not in control of these things, we became pray to the evil deceptions of the Devil, the one who lures you with promises of safety and traps you in a grip so strong we cannot break free from, but Dear Readers, we are not the only one trying to get ourselves out; Jesus is our way of escape, in our times of weakness He alone helps us up to carry on. We only have to trust in His Good and Gracious Mercy and His promise that He will Never Turn His back to us.

He hears us Dear Readers, our cries for help amid trouble, He sees our tears fall as they soak our pillows in the night, He sees the pain behind our smiles, He knows your heart is broken when you pretend to laugh, He feels our pain when we hurt the body He gave us, He is standing in front of You as You overlook the ledge deciding to jump or not into the cage where everything is easier, He stands there with His arms pointing back to the Safety of His Gospel, Pointing to the Cross where He died for You.

We feel lost, alone, and out of touch with the world, this Dear Readers is how the Devil works, He uses our feelings of isolation to pull us deeper within our sinful hearts and sorrow ridden minds, where he twists the love of God in our eyes, we feel unworthy of His grace and love, we feel as If God could not possibly Love Me. How could He? I’m So Bad. This may shock you but, yes, You are, We are, I am. But God no longer sees that for through the washing of our Baptism and renewal of the spirit through Confession and absolution; We are beheld as Pure and true Children of God, Free In Him, No longer stuck in Our cages, institutionalized by fear.

Jesus Christ is truly what He said The Way, The Truth and The Light, through Him Alone, do we Come to our Heavenly Father Strong in Spirit and Joyfully shouting His Praise, This Dear Reader is the true Freedom of the Open Road, the Narrow way Where Christ calls us through Repentance and Faith to be Gods Own Children.
Listen to Him, walk in that Narrow way, tell the Devil that You Are Worth it, For God Not only gave His Son for You, He also Calls You His Dear Child, Think of it, As Children Of God, What more do We Lack? The Cares of this world suddenly seem small to the Promise Given to us In our Baptism, So Why can’t we remember all this when we struggle? The Answer is Simple, we Do, but in the sinful moment, we don’t care.

Repent Dear Readers and Fight for the freedom given to us By Jesus. It’s there, why not hold fast to it? Why not…after all, That’s true Control, Control over the Devil, but, We do not do this alone, we never do, Jesus is at the helm steering us in the way We should go. Thanks, Be to God+

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