A Park Bench

A person is sitting on a bench in the middle of a park; it makes sense though it’s finally nice weather out. 

It’s late February, snow and mud lay scattered, the sun is shining bright and giving just enough warmth to invite people outdoors; The person on the bench seems only vaguely interested in the world around her. She sits there with her back to the sun, a notebook in her lap, the edges of her coat dip into the mud under the bench. She is wearing headphones and looks up from time to time. She knows she stops writing after every sentence, 

there is an uplifting joy in her solitude, living in the world, sitting on the sidelines, not being a part of its action, 

like a silent observer to a popular game. 

The game of Life. She sees the players in this round, she sees the future, the giddy youth, some playing on the swings and slides with younger siblings, some learning how to stand on a moving skateboard and learning to rise unashamed if they fall. As she studies the children at play, she realizes some of the biggest lessons of life were being taught at this moment to these kids. 

She thinks back to when she was taught those same lessons, she never considered it until now, she looked at a girl who was getting back up from the ground, her skateboard rolled to another skater, the skater picked up her board and gave it back. “Good job!” He said, she smiled and got back on her board, the lesson she was learning was “It’s okay to fall, falling is just another opportunity to stand stronger.” 

Everyone falls, but, Only the resilient continue to stand. 

Such a deep thought to have while sitting in a park.

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