A Post after a Nightmare

I had a long conversation over the phone with a dear friend of mine recently, she and I go way back to our early childhoods. We’ve seen each other through some of our hardest years, She mourned with me when I lost a close friend, I listened to her when she would vent about bullies, she and I had prayed for each other when our lives changed dramatically, resulting in both of us becoming homeless for a time. 

This evening, she told me of some of her most recent struggles, and I am fraught with anger; she has been treated most disrespectfully, manipulated to the point of self-doubt in her decisions, I stand by the sidelines, feeling helpless. I want to go to these people and tell them a thing or two, I want to defend her choices and stand up for my dearest friend, I want to fix her sorrows. 

But, this is not the way I should go. I want to vent to my support system, yell, and plan action against these people. I don’t want to do the only thing I can and should do, encourage her to be strong, to stand up for herself, she is an adult, a rather smart adult, to be honest, even if she sees this it’s still got to be said, she has more sense to her than my bank does, that’s certain. 

I can’t “Fix” Her problems, or control those who speak against her, I can only be her friend and pray for a peaceful mind and clarity of spirit. She knows that I am here, even if she ever wanted to get rid of me, I’m not moving, she knows I’m stuck as her loyal sidekick, Well, actually, I’m the leader, she’s the Sidekick…..

It is human nature, to see someone’s troubles and yearn to fix them, be it a personal issue, or a perceived flaw of someone. We think we know what to do, the quote we often use is “As an outsider looking in” Like that somehow makes it right to give advice, sometimes it is helpful, but other times, it is just us flaunting that we don’t have that issue, we overlook our problems and focus on everyone else. No, not in every case, but In my own, this is what I do, I think back to My family, thinking If I only could do this, or that, then this “certain problem” would be fixed, When it comes right down to it, all we as Friends or Family can ever do, is support one another in brotherly affection, and encourage others to do the right thing by Gods commands. 

I can’t “Fix” my friends’ problems, I can’t track down these people, I can’t solve all her issues. I CAN Pray for her, for the people giving her stress, I can let her know I am here for her. Much In the same way my cat is, to bother her till all her problems are forgotten……though, I don’t plan On biting her or making her break out in an allergic reaction, though, I do have that effect on some people.

Remember, If you’re struggling, and feel helpless for any reason, there is one, one who can help you, Not some Outsider looking in, but one in the very midst of your sufferings, one who knows your pain, your fears, the anxiety that causes sleepless nights, Jesus Christ, He is the one who can “Fix” Our problems, if it is His will, He will end My friends torment and self-doubt, He will still the tongues of those who persecute her, He alone can bring peace to men and Love to one another. 

But, That’s Just my Opinion, “As an outsider looking in” ………………..

Now; I’m half asleep over my keyboard, a nightmare is keeping me up, but as I have no more nonsense to write about tonight, I’m going to stop. If you so feel obliged, remember me in your prayers.

no, not that I make a post worth reading, that’s almost impossible, pray that I am granted the strength to recover from this “Thorn in my side” the cross I’m meant to carry until it is lifted by Gods grace. We all have a burden, a sign of our sin amongst us, But I pray God would take away our sufferings, whether here on earth or there in eternity, He alone can save us from this plague which is Sin. Alright, thinking skills are fading, time to go back to bed. Enjoy the posts.

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