Stop In the name Of NOW

 I’m Back on track with my blog,

as one struggling with an eating disorder I often think about why I deal with this, like, was it something that happened as a child? Or was it a traumatic event?

I don’t know and it’s probably not helpful to know, the fact of the matter is not why but what to do about it, I get so caught up in the past, that I truly forget about my present. In the hospital, a Nurse, Ms. Amber. She kept telling me to stay in the present, I was overthinking and freaking out about something, she tried to give me tips to calm down, but the words she spoke were what did it, Stay in present.

By staying in the present, or as the hip quote is now “Stay in the now”, doing that allows us to see clearly, for any situation we find ourselves in, think of a moment, for example, getting pulled over for speeding, naturally we begin to panic and fear getting a ticket, we think how fast we’re going and if we can whip up some tears or something, but once the cop comes to us, we are sucked back to the present,

we have to face this moment, and no manner of thinking will save us, the cop is still there, we are still pulled over, we must deal with this here and now before we can get back to driving, back to our trip on the road. now, think about it like the road is our lives, when we overthink and dwell and get lost in the past, thinking thoughts of “what ifs” we are losing control of our “driving” in life, we are caught speeding,

I have found it helpful of late to “Pull myself over” stop my thoughts and force myself to deal with the here and now. I don’t know if it will benefit you in any way, but as for me, a professional overthinker, it helps to focus and calm me down. If you have ever heard the phrase, put a pause on life, this is basically what you are doing with your thoughts,

putting a pause on thinking and refocus on the present. It is ever so easy to get stuck in our minds, especially if you are a writer, analyzing everything within an inch of its matter, or dwelling on past faults, already forgiven sins, it will take a load of stress from your overloaded, stressed mind to just deal with the here and now, nothing else;

like someone wise keeps telling me “worry for today, tomorrow will worry for itself.”

Once again, it’s late, I’m super tired, but thoughts have been keeping me up, I hope that these posts aren’t all nonsense, I want to feel like these sleepless hours are for something useful, but, honestly, whether you read or find these useful, they are still thoughts that are pushed into words and sent through the web, stuck on a screen, no longer in My overloaded mind đŸ™‚

Night, such a good time for writing. 

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